Powerball Wrist Ball Self-Starting with Muti-color LED


Power Wrist Ball Self-Starting Black/Clear LED

Resbo Force Gyroscope Ball Dual Gyroscope Wrist Arm Muscle Force Power Exercise Strengthen Ball Trainer Hand Grips Fitness Equipment Multi-functional Meridian Fitness Ball Fitness Equipment Super Gyro

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Powerball Wrist Ball Self-Starting Blue/Clear LED

All the balls are tested, you will need some practice if you’re new.


1. Multi-functional design can be used in office, gym or home, and also can be a good pressure reducer as well as a good toy and arm muscle exercising

2.Smart gravity sensor can be used to feel the centrifugal force and to strengthen your limbs coordination or rehabilitation training

3.Simple operation can be powered on quickly by rotating your wrist to make fast speed

4.Compact size can be put in your bags to do outdoor activities

5.High-quality zinc alloy and plastic materials, durable and non-toxic

6.Stylish look with a quiet sound can be a great gift

7.Computer calibration ball heart balance, high stability and low noise

8.Self start(Inside have spring can start by self after a pull)

9.Special durable plastic materials


1. Avoid falling. Wrestling can cause shaft bending, vibration, abnormal sounds, and cannot be repaired.

2. Please do not shake the wrist force ball or press the center of the ball hard, it will cause damage to the ball shaft or generate noise.

3. When applying the wrist ball, pay attention to the regular rotation of the wrist circle.

4. Please do not throw anything in the wrist ball, it will be unusable.

5. Please do not use any wrist part of the body to try to stop high-speed wrist ball to avoid injury.

6. The newbie should check whether the wrist rope is firm before using it. Rope is For fall protection only.

7. Wrist ball is not recommended for people under 8 years old and over 80 years old.

Full product name: Wrist / Super Gyro Multifunctional Meridian Fitness Ball Energy Ball EU Standard Metal Ball Center Luminous Model With Counter Self-Starting

Material: zinc alloy, ABS, PC

Color: Blue/Black/Red


Ball center material: metal

Starting method: self-starting

Product net weight: 270g-320g

More information about powerballs

How to use powerball

Additional information

Weight 220 g

Blue, Black with LED, Red with LED, Black Transparent No Light, Black No Light




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